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Lucinda 2018

Lucinda 2018

Lucinda - 2018 This is my best side I will come over if you have treats Can i get a treat now ?

Big Heart and Loving

HSY Lucinda

Yak, Cow (female) | Native Trim

IYAK - Appendix# 2C052 | DOB: 5/29/2015 (6 yrs)

SBR Wrangler
HSY Louise

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Lucinda had her first calf in 2018. She is a doting Mother. Unfortunately her little Bull lived only a short while. As I was tending to the calf, Lucinda recognized that I was there to help and stood close by. As I knelt with her little Bull, Lucinda licked my face in cooperation.

This Mom is a favorite.
In the field, she will always wait in anticipation of treats and rub downs.

Lucinda will be mated with Oscar this Fall.

Updated 1/4/2021