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Chanchari -2018

Chanchari -2018

How about a Treat ? Where is that calf ? Here is my baby girl Chanchari -2015 My first girl - Oreo A drink and some attention

Love song to dance rythm

MTR Chanchari

Yak, Cow (female) | Native Trim

IYAK - Foundation# Z046 | DOB: 8/12/2012 (8 yrs)

THY Farlee-P069
THY Neema - Q008

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Chanchari is everything one could ask for in a Yak Mom.

She is spirited but totally accepting of the love that we give her. She comes enthusiastically to receive her rub downs and treats.
She started as the bottom cow in the pecking order in the original small herd but has worked her way up to the lead cow in a herd of fifteen cows and heifers.

Her first calf in the Spring of 2015 is Oreo - a very woolly Royal Heifer.
Kimimela is her second heifer calf - also a beautiful Royal.
Spring of 2018 she has had her fourth calf - a beautiful Native Black heifer.

Chanchari is very woolly with streaks of Golden.

She is a grand daughter of THY James Bond and SBR Chewbacca.
She is a great grand daughter of Queen Allante and Billy the Kid

Updated 1/4/2021


I am big and gentle
Bull (male)3 yrsNative
Cow (female)4 yrsRoyal
Always ready for sum luvin
Cow (female)6 yrsRoyal
Not for Sale