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Frankie 2018

Frankie 2018

Frankie 2018 My first baby -2018 You have any treats for me ? Love being a Mom

Kind and Gentle

HSY Frankie

Yak, Cow (female) | Native

IYAK - Appendix# 2C060-B1 | DOB: 6/18/2015 (4 yrs)

SBR Wrangler
HSY Freda

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Frankie has given birth to her first calf in 2018.

She has become a wonderful Mom.

Frankie won a Blue ribbon at the Denver Show in 2015 as a yearling heifer. Her award was for fibre.

She is easily handled, loves treats and back rubs.

Frankie will be mated with Oscar (our Royal Bull) this Fall.

Updated 9/15/2019


Bull Calf (male)Under 1 yrNative Trim
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Born on Memorial Day ! What a blessing !
Bull (male)1 yrNative Trim
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