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Cow (female)

Heart full of Love
Cow (female)Native | IYAK - Appendix# B150-BO6 yrs

Brigitta is a wonderful Mom. She has raised a heifer calf in 2017 (Basia) and gave birth to a heifer calf (Barbara) in 2018 and a beautiful woolly heifer calf (Betsey) in 2019 She is a gentle girl...

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Kind and Gentle
Cow (female)Native | IYAK - Appendix# 2C060-B16 yrs

Frankie has given birth to her first calf in 2018. She has become a wonderful Mom. Frankie won a Blue ribbon at the Denver Show in 2015 as a yearling heifer. Her award was for fibre. She is ...

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Big Heart and Loving
Cow (female)Native Trim | IYAK - Appendix# 2C0526 yrs

Lucinda had her first calf in 2018. She is a doting Mother. Unfortunately her little Bull lived only a short while. As I was tending to the calf, Lucinda recognized that I was there to help and stood ...

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Cow (female)Native | IYAK - Appendix# 2C064-B16 yrs

Pepper gave birth to her first calf in 2018....a beautiful feisty little heifer. She is the grand daughter of a rare union of GHF Queen Allante and SBR Chewbaccca. She is the daughter of THY Yoda....

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Shy but Loving
Cow (female)Imperial Trim | IYAK - Appendix# 2C0596 yrs

Trisha is a very impressive, woolly girl. Shy but loving. She is a very good Mom with her first calf this year (2018). She will be mated with Oscar this Fall....

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Just a Tinkerbelle
Cow (female)Native Trim | IYAK - Foundation# TBD3 yrs

Annabelle is a delightful young cow. Her first calf is Lucky - a little Royal Very Woolly Annabelle was born on our farm in August 2017. She has an older sister Kachina. Her Mom is Paka and her ...

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I am an independent girl
Cow (female)Royal | IYAK - Appendix# 2C240-B26 yrs

Josie is an eye attraction with her beautiful coloring. She clicked into motherhood without missing a beat with her first little royal bundle of joy. She is very protective and attentive to her...

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Masked Dancer
Cow (female)Native | IYAK - Foundation# TBD4 yrs

Kachina is a beautiful, all black, woolly young yak mother. She has taken to motherhood like a duck to water. She comes with great blood lines. She will be in calf to Oscar for 2019 spring c...

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Always ready for sum luvin
Cow (female)Royal | IYAK - Foundation# 2C2396 yrs

Oreo is the first heifer calf to be born at Kiwidinok. She knows the rub down routine and the treat bag. She is a James Bond and Chewbacca great grand daughter She is a Chanchari daughter and has ...

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Love song to dance rythm
Cow (female)Native Trim | IYAK - Foundation# Z0468 yrs

Chanchari is everything one could ask for in a Yak Mom. She is spirited but totally accepting of the love that we give her. She comes enthusiastically to receive her rub downs and treats. She star...

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Cow (female)Native Trim | IYAK - Foundation# B1056 yrs

Deena is a wonderful first time Mom in 2018. She is a little shy but always ready for a treat. As a daughter of our great Paka, she is also very woolly. She is a great grand daughter of SBR ...

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The Wise One
Cow (female)Native Trim | IYAK - Foundation# Q00614 yrs

Our dear Paka is the wise one. She never moves without thinking through the action. She is quiet, a little shy and avoids conflict in the herd. She loves a rub and treat. She produces high quality...

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Zelda the Witch
Cow (female)Native Trim | IYAK - Appendix# P109-BO15 yrs

Zelda is a large robust cow. She has consistently calved every year in the Spring. She has produced about 50% Royals and 50% Trim. Zelda was bred at a farm in Idaho. Her Breeder is Phil Wykle. Her ...

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