Kiwidinok Farm

Of the Wind

Bronte and three Ladies

A proven herd of magnificent Bull, Bronte, and three very successful breeding cows. All cows are pregnant to Bronte, due between April and July 2021. If you prefer two cows instead of three, choose any two and deduct $2.000.00 Transport and VET services can be arranged.


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Three Steers times Mischief

Three wonderful animals - good disposition. They love to interact with people. Little Godfrey is a bottle fed, friendly, loyal, playful bundle of mischief - loves attention. Woolly Coats Easy to manage and tenfold pay back in joy.


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Lucky and his girls

ADD two heifers from the photo gallery KID # 67 and 69


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Timothy and his imperial girls

ADD two heifers from the photo gallery file: KID # 67 and KID # 69


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